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Our “RECIPE for success” embeds learning skills and character development into the daily lives of students both in and out of the classroom. RECIPE is based around the growth mindset model where effort is rewarded as opposed to intelligence.  It is an acronym for:



Co- operation




These are the character traits we look to develop from Year 7 onwards. We believe that with these character traits our learners will not only succeed at school, but will also succeed in further education and the workplace. Our ‘RECIPE for success’ underpins everything that happens within the Pastoral system including the rewards system, assemblies, House system, guest speakers, competitions and is also seen in many lessons.

Students are awarded RECIPE points that link in to our House system when they display these RECIPE attributes. They can gain these merits by attending extra-curricular events, working particularly hard in lessons, participating in House events, helping out at school events and having excellent uniform, attendance and punctuality.