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Learning to Learn: Memory & Retrieval

The Mastering Memory Programme equips students with the skills they need to revise effectively. The programme gives students a better understanding of how their memory works and applies this understanding to a variety of revision techniques. 

These revision techniques are based on ‘retrieval practice’ which is backed up by a wide range of cognitive science research. 

  • Students in years 7-10 receive a Mastering Memory lesson once every half term during PSHCE.
  • Our year 11 students have a Mastering Memory workshop once every 3 weeks as part of the school’s period 6 programme.  

Links to slides outlining Mastering Memory 

150 Exam Must Know Facts for Science, English & Maths

Year 10 Session 1: How the brain works 

Year 10 Session 2: Introduction to booklet and & retrieval

Year 10 Session 3: 'Chunking' & building schemas

Year 10 Session 4: 'The story method'

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Strategies for Independent Learning

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